"ALBA" vase

Ceramic Vase "ALBA"

Clay: Terracotta and white

Being a piece glazed only on the inside, this piece exposes the natural texture of the clay on the outside. 
The roses in white clay contrast in color and texture with the terracotta of the vase body.

"ALBA" vase

Color: Terracotta
  • The measures indicated are approximate, they may vary slightly depending on the type of clay.


    Cm: 10 (Ø) x 17 (h) / Inch: 3.9 (Ø) x 6.7 (h)


    Cm: 10 (Ø) x 17 (h) / Inch: 3.9 (Ø) x 6.7 (h)

    Each of the ceramic pieces in this catalog is built one by one using the Coil building technique (hand building).
    Due to this, each piece is unique and can vary in tonalities and/or can present variations of +/- 1.5 cm max of the indicated measures.