"NIDO" Wall Planter / Wall Vase

Ceramic wall pot / wall vase

Inspired by the nests of the weaver birds.
Thanks to its waterproof design, it does not damage any type of surface. It is easy to install and helps decorating and adding life to any space.

Ideal for hanging plants and also for the propagation of plants that reproduce and grow in water.

Plant not included.


"NIDO" Wall Planter / Wall Vase

  • Material: Ceramic

    Color : White or Gray

    Dimensions: Cm: 19 (Ø) x 8 (h) / Inch: 7.4 (Ø) x 3.1 (h)

    Each of the ceramic pieces in this catalog is built one by one using the Coil building technique (hand building).
    Due to this, each piece is unique and can vary in tonalities and/or can present variations of +/- 1 cm max of the indicated measures.